Signing bilateral agreements for avoidance of double taxation for Macedonian emigrants in those countries where the concentration of our emigrants currently is or is getting bigger.

Creating a special application for registration of Macedonian citizens – emigrants when entering the Republic of Macedonia, with which the need for passport controls will be avoided and the wait times at queue lines will be reduced!

Opening of all state institutions for Macedonians’ born abroad volunteers. Creating a web page where experiences on the differences between services in Macedonia and in the country they live in, will be exchanged.

„Macedonian Investor of the Year„ – Award for the best Macedonian who invested or secured the biggest investment from abroad during the year.

Introducing an always publicly available indicator of all state revenues and allocation of revenues with foreign remittances from Macedonian emigrants. This will disclose the share of Macedonian emigrants helping the Macedonian standard and economy.

Annual program for cultural promotion of Macedonia in front of its citizens in all continents in the cities with the greater concentration of Macedonians.

Running a single register of holders of reputable and public functions of Macedonian emigrants around the world as lawyers, doctors, politicians, and so on.

Introducing an always available internet television with the most watched television and radio channels from Macedonia.

Conducting a census in order to enumerate all Macedonians in the diaspora, who will then be found in a special electoral register for voting.